On September 24, 2012, the Court of Chancery issued an order revoking several standing orders previously entered by the Court.  On the Delaware Court of Chancery’s website, the Court provided as follows:

[T]he Court of Chancery revoked several standing orders of the Court because those orders were no longer in practical effect.   This initiative is part of the Court’s effort to make binding procedures and policies of the Court more readily accessible and understandable to the public and practitioners.  To that end, the Court is endeavoring to examine its remaining standing orders and to incorporate them either into the formal Rules of the Court of Chancery, or where that is not appropriate or efficient, a comprehensive set of operating procedures.  The hope is that this will provide the public and practitioners with two primary sources from which they can obtain any needed information about the Court’s mandatory policies, without having to consult a variety of standing orders.  

For a copy of this recent order, click here.