In a prior post, we discussed valuation methodologies utilized by the Delaware Court of Chancery.  The Court of Chancery generally utilizes a discounted cash flow methodology in appraisal proceedings.

However, Delaware courts have incorporated other elements of future value in their valuation processes, so long as these elements were not “speculative.” For example, the

What Mechanism Can Shareholders Use To Appraise Their Shares in a Corporation That Is a Party to a Merger or Consolidation?

Section 262 of the DGCL provides appraisal rights to the holders of record of shares of any corporation that is a party to a merger or consolidation, subject to specified exceptions and to compliance 

When a Delaware corporation merges or consolidates with another company, shareholders can petition the Delaware Court of Chancery to appraise the value of their shares.  This post will address a shareholder’s right to request judicial appraisal of such shares of a Delaware corporation that is a party to a merger consolidation.

What Mechanism Can Shareholders

On January 10, 2012, in the case of In Re Appraisal of the Aristotle Corporation, the Delaware Court of Chancery addressed an issue of first impression with respect to the standing of stockholders, who dissented to a short form merger under Section 253 of the Delaware General Corporation Law (“DGCL”) and perfected their appraisal