The recent letter order issued in the case of Kandell, et al. v. Niv, et al., C.A. No. 11812-VCG (Del. Ch. Oct. 14, 2016) illustrates the Court’s disfavor when parties stipulate to expand the word count of a brief on the eve of a briefing deadline.  In order to avoid jeopardizing the briefing schedule, the Court granted the request, but with these words of caution:

Please be aware, however, that a motion to extend the word limit should be brought to the presiding judge’s attention in sufficient time for him to consider the request, accompanied by a statement of good cause.

Accordingly, parties seeking to expand the current word count limitation of 14,000 words for opening and answering briefs, or 8,000 words for replies, should make such request sufficiently in advance with a statement of good cause.

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